two thousand and sixteen // i'm looking at you.


Last year sure was big. I'm talking 365 days worth of big.,

But amongst the total mayhem and cluster fluff of  tragic happenings all over the world, I witnessed and involved in  some pretty beautiful events. 


1. The Common Folk Collective (of humans ) kept me (relatively) sane. The same small business challenges are shared with this whole bunch of people which makes the load feel a whole lot lighter.

2. Don't try and style one of your brides ring in one of Signature Floral Design's luscious bouquet. You'll lose it momentarily, along with 1 years worth of life due to the intense panic that followed shortly after.  Those spectacular floral wonders go deep. Real deep...

3.  Always honour family... Always. Things can change instantaneously and we, as wedding photographers, have an opportunity to document  rare  moments that at the time seem simply sweet, but can often develop into significant and heartfelt frames. 

4. Scan. Always scan. My girl Flossy put it perfectly only days ago, when asked about what us wedding photographers get up to. "Scanning the room for connections, expressions, touch, intimacy, age, youth, the dynamics. The introverts and the extroverts. We're professional people watchers."  So those sweet little untamed moments, they're documented when we seem to be looking aimlessly around the room. (We ain't vague-ing out, just scanning for sweet snippets and magic moments. )

5. If there is a Pinot Noir on the wine list, I will love you a little more.

6. Seek. In-between the scanning and typical documenting. I've learnt to seek out moments more. Documenting is one things, but there are quiet times during the day where there are a few minutes to explore and play. 

7. Celebrate love. It carries us through the hardest of times, and is free. Give love and receive it. It makes a world a prettier place to be.

Now. Play the music and have a scroll.

H x