les + love

After a manic week of moving house, numerous meetings and a serious case of scatterbrain, photographing the 3 day Les Leventhal workshop held by the beautiful people at Yogaworx, couldn't have come at a better time. 

Walking into a room filled with individuals who were so eager to learn, open their minds and soak up the goodness that was being splashed around the room, was very cool. There was an amazing energy in the room, being led and channeled by the man of the moment - Les.

I am ashamed to admit it - but I didn't even get the opportunity to speak with the man... Although our eyes did cross paths (numerous times) as I was lurking amongst his attentive students. Les had (still has) vibes, like really good vibes... His humble approach to yoga and the journey he is on is so comforting, especially considering he has this cray-cray ability to bend himself into a pretzel with the grace and control of a bounding gazelle. In his own words on life, he states "I think that we’re meant to have everything, joy and frustration, anger and love." Which I really dig. If life was all coconut water and raw balls, then you'd never have the scale to understand how bloody good they really are... His approach to yoga is real. It's earthy. There is genuine integrity in his words.

Work didn't really feel like work on Saturday. Usually when photographing such a large group,  there is some pressure, good pressure that is... A sense of urgency perhaps? But certainly not on Saturday. I left that workshop feeling light. Light and optimistic. The thought of walking into a half unpacked house with clothes, boxes, Ikea coat hangers and picture frames taking up every last little bit of floor space - didn't actually seem that bad anymore. It was the good stuff I was thinking about. A new adventure with my Bird, fresh walls to hang my frames, and the Vitamix that Jesse owns - I get to use that every flippin' day...

Oh - the photography... I digress! I was pretty stoked with these snaps. I may be biased - but I can feel the energy, and see the intensity, which is what photography should be about. It's hard to not feel the love the day after Valentines Day, but the coolest things about every individual in that room - the love was for themselves first. The most important kind of love you can have.

Thanks for having me Yogaworx.