retreat + relax

Think Bali…  now think again. Forget Kuta, forget cocktails and bintang, forget shopping expeditions, and totally forget waking up with the hangover of all hangovers and the ol' faithful 'I am never drinking again' quote of the day. 

Instead - welcome in to your life Yogaworx, Sanur, one fine-looking yoga 'shack', chilled vibes and 50 shades of liquido tights. For 5 days, the yogi renegades collectively omm-ed, stretched, sweated, breathed, growled, and open themselves up to a whole 'nother level. The Power Of Now Oasis was the perfect place for twice-daily classes and a post-class smoothie or lemon and ginger tea (so good…). Would definitely recommend popping in for class and saying hi to Angelique the sacred cow should you find yourself in Sanur… 

Now, back to the retreat… There is something about setting an intention - mental or physical and intensely working on said intention, for 5 days. No distractions, no work related stresses, no crying children, no peak hour traffic. Just like-minded, blissed out individuals on a similar journey. Don't get me wrong, there were challenges, tears, frustrations and emotions, but all 100% necessary and good, like real good. Looking and taking it all in from being the lens, I felt the honesty. Everyones journey and path that landed them in Sanur was different. It was pretty inspiring. 

I jumped on the tail end of the retreat - the last day and a half. I was instantly welcomed in to the group. Not one hoot was given by anyone. Quite surprising really, considering I was in most people grills while their asses were in the air and sweat was dripping from their foreheads. To photograph individuals who are accepting of their bodies, or on the journey to - is so bloody awesome. Perhaps it wasn't just that? There wasn't any ego or vanity suffocating the classes! Not one person shyed away or told me to bugger the whole time and from a photographic point of view - this is ideal. I felt more open and free to shoot although it took me a while to actually take advantage of this. 

I should also mention - within the group there was a total mix of people, some experienced, some not so experienced. Every level was welcomed, and the improvement from start to finish was quite incredible. It wasn't all yoga either… Monday was spent on a boat and the sandy beaches of Nusa Lembongan. Snorkelling in redonkulous clear blue water and a legit jacket fish BBQ - caught that very morning by the locals.

Thanks to the yogi renegades who made me feel welcome and Mal, Wendy and Pheebs for having me. 

Namaste x