soul cleanse

Ok, usually I write a little info about the particular content that is featured on each blog post, but the rockin' Lacey went to town and gave me a full blown explanation - ah-mazing! So I'm just going to whack that straight below, to give you the full run down of what 'Soul Cleanse' was allllll about!

"At Soul Cleanse I (Lacey) taught a Classical Kundalini class that built on the earlier classes taught by Amanda and Phoebe, as well as on the energy and intentions of the day - to cleanse the soul and move into the light (since it was winter solstice). Classical Kundalini is all about igniting and aligning the chakras through breath, mantra, dynamic movement, meditation and visualisations. It’s lively, it’s stirring and it impacts everyone differently. 

We did a grounding and expanding class, focusing on the root chakra and the heart chakra. First though, we activated each of the chakras, purified the lunar and solar channels in the body through breath work and got our powerful Breath of Fire working. There are a lot of steps!

In Classical Kundalini, we use kriyas (cleansing techniques) that look a lot like hyper fast yoga poses. They’re meant to bring energy to the chakra of focus and then through vibration (the singing of mantra), the chakra is balanced and healed. It’s a very unique form of yoga and usually pretty new to most students I encounter. It’s hella revealing, totally intense and can bring a lot to the surface. I love it."

Soul Cleanse was a total hit, and is back by popular demand here in Perth and also down South! Head to The Yoga Emporium for more deets!


H x