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yogaworx //

"Yogaworx is where the calm centring of yoga is touched with a little "rock and roll". A unique and real community buzzing with creativity, love and support. Where the world of yoga meets the everyday needs of everyday people to stay connected to themselves and each other.

We are a collective of forward-thinking yoga instructors for everyone, at any level of fitness, to experience the art of building grace and strength. Offering a safe and sacred space for people to explore the practice of yoga with the support of experienced and inspiring teachers. "

I often photograph yoga workshops, special events and overseas retreats with the incred. crew from Yogaworx and A. so flippin' psyched to see their new website up and running and B. see some Keeper snaps filling in the blanks and sitting alongside the soulful snaps of Sally Wittenoom.

pressed earth //

How Pressed Earth stumbled across Keeper is 'so Perth' - everyone knows someone you know, right? James, one of the two Beare Brothers (who are right into juicin') approached me not too long ago with a request - and with their fresh on the scene, well-branded cold pressed juice, smooth accents and well styled hair - how could I say no? I love being given a project with no boundaries, where I have complete creative freedom - but equally as much, I love a project with a thread - a theme, that sits tight with your brand and essentially what your brand is all about - it's the identity. Pressed Earth is all about balance - and finding balance in the busy lives we lead. Everyone has their own way of seeking it and finding it. My job - to capture that identity in the most integral and honest way possible.

The boys have just launched their new website, with all the info on juice cleanses, nutritional deets, stockists etc. If you are yet to try one (or seven) - ditch the morning coffee and give one a whirl. 

Have and peak and a read of their site - it's pretty nice....

conscious cravings //

A successful Health Beauty Coach, Karen assists those struggling with self-confidence, stress, body image, confidence and style. Through her own experiences and being faced with these type of challenges in life, Karen now has the ability to share her wisdom and insight to those also going through tough times in their lives.

Conscious Cravings has recently launched her new program - Holistic Beauty Coaching and needed some snaps to reflect her personality and her brand. This shoot took place in Karens GORGEOUS home. The perfect backdrop. With subtle pops of colour and rad polished-concrete floors - Karen warmed up to the lens in no time and loved her shoot. She is featured with some delicious treats from Solomons and one her own creations - Coconut Champers (non-alchoholic, totally delicious and redonkulously good for you... Ask Karen how to make that bad-boy....).

this is lifeblood //

You know when you get that feeling, when someone is doing what they were put on this earth to do, well lordy-lou - it couldn't be more obvious with Miss Claire Baker. This gal is here for health, healing, love, exploration, freedom, empowerment & creative self expression.

Lady B is a certified coach and mentor, writer and creative. Based in Perth-town, she is is on a  mission to empower ladies all over the globe,  to connect and guide them on their own journeys.

We had a little fun galavanting around Fremantle taking photos for her gorgeous website ThisIsLifeblood and Facebook and for her bangin' new eBook, which has just hit (virtual) shelves soon! Loved working with this lady - she has some seriously good vibes going on.

learn grow heal //

Think earth mama, modern gypsy and a wellness wonder woman. Introducing the GORGEOUS Vanessa Millar from Learn Grow Heal. This job was a mighty cool job for me to have shot, and turns out, was the first of many more to come of this nature...

Vanessa is a body-love coach, yoga teacher and reiki practitioner on a mission to help women everywhere feel better about their bodies and find the confidence and sassiness to go out there and kick some serious ass at life. 

This woman is gosh darn inspiring. She has been on a turbulent love/hate journey with her body since her high school days, and through the challenges she has faced - has now reached a point in her life, where she is all about the body love, and most importantly - acceptance. She has embraced the challenges and their outcomes and now is in the position to launch herself into the big wide (and often scary) world and lend her hands and heart to gals battling the same and similar issues. The images we snapped have found their way into a few of Vanessa's publications. Her gorgeous eBook - Find Love in Your Own Skin and her brand, spanking new 6 week eCourse - The Body Love Revolution

This gal is legit. She acts her words and isn't afraid to let you in. It's mighty refreshing and I'm excited to see where her adventure takes her! 

vegan sparkles //

Bex Weller is a gal you'll never forget meeting. You know those type of people - they're totally present and you know they're listening to every word you say. Bex is a Holistic Health Coach and is on a mission to light yo' spark. Her warmth and enthusiasm are infectious and her good vibes - inescapable. Here is a little sneak peak from one of the Keeper shots...

the yoga emporium //

Ok, just one more... This has literally just popped up online, and pretty excited to see what else the gal comes up with! Lacey - the long legged lady from The Yoga Emporium is launching her party pack of meditations on July 15th and we had a slightly crazy photoshoot in Northbridge.
Think colour. All things colour...

HOLY FLUFFING HECK. I love my job.

- H x